To whom it may concern

18 Oct

Well, I lied. Although I said I would post weekly, it’s been months. So it seems I’m just like everyone else who starts a blog and then runs out of stuff to say or time to say it. But I better get used to being like everyone else, because that’s how us Millennials are all categorized. According to the people we all refer to as “they” (i.e. think back to a time when someone started a sentence with, “according to ‘them’” or “well, you know what ‘they’ say…”), we all do the same things and act the same way. So, here’s a picture of my new hairdo.


I got my hurr did.

Since unlike all the other Millennials out there, I start a new, cool job on Monday: a big girl job with a salary and full benefits. And you know what, “them”s and “they”s, unlike what you say Millennials feel entitled to, I am incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity. So take that, you big grumpy turds.


Welcome to My Blog!

17 Aug


My name is Rachel and I am a freshly college-educated, millennial just dipping my toes into what they deem the “The Real World”. I plan to post weekly and to touch on topics that take into account: my generation, health/fitness, current events, and the environment.

Just in my lifetime, I have seen small and large changes in politics, education, and business make massive impacts for our future generations. Although I feel we are rapidly spiraling in the wrong direction, I have faith that we are in a system that cannot sustain itself. What this means is that it is up to my generation and those who follow to also make changes for the betterment of our society, nation, and the world as a whole. I look forward to writing what is on my mind and to take part in meaningful and constructive conversations.

There is still so much to learn and take advantage of for a better and brighter future for everyone. Please follow my, or join me in the, journey.


Millennial Miss